Wills Park Recreation Center in Alpharetta, Georgia

The Wills Park Recreation Center in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a great place to go for fun, relaxation, and recreation. Whether you are looking to hike the trails, play a picnic game, or just spend a day with the family, Wills Park offers something for everyone. Located in the city of Alpharetta, Wills Park is home to an award-winning recreational complex. The complex features a 20-acre lake, nature trails, playgrounds, and even a quarantine zone where dogs can roam without a leash. Find further facts here.

The recreation center has many activities on offer. The hiking trails are a perfect way to take in the stunning views of the park. You can also take part in one of the many educational programs, such as bird-watching classes and kayaking courses. For the more adventurous type, the park offers outdoor rock climbing and rappelling. For those looking for a more leisurely day, the park offers plenty of picnic space and a playground for more sedentary activities. If you are with friends, head to the lake speckled with paddle boats. Or, do some fishing: the lake is well-stocked with bass, brim, catfish, crappie, and other game fish species. There is even an on-site bait shop and tackle shop. The Wills Park Recreation Center is also home to many annual events like the Family Fun Day, Fireworks, Fourth of July Celebration, and Heron Fest. Learn more about Walk of Memories in Alpharetta, Georgia.